Key Fact Sheets

Key Facts Sheet: NBN Services

Below indicates your typical busy period download speed that the average consumer can expect to receive during the busy period (7pm to 11pm) on this plan.

                           NBN Plan           Entertainment Plan
Typical evening speed (7pm – 11pm) 24 Mps
No. of simultaneous users / devices (approx.) 3 – 6
Work based activities Yes
Web browsing and Social networking Yes
Streaming TV and services Yes
Online gaming Yes


The speed tier used to describe this plan represents the maximum possible speed that is available during off-peak periods.

Factors at your premises that can affect data speeds and performance

Poor performance may be caused by… You may be able to improve this by…
Poor WiFi signal strength or signal interference Connecting devices via Ethernet cable or by placing your modem in optimal unobstructed area near where you will use your WiFi most frequently.
Modem, WiFi router or network cables Using current hardware with technical Specifications suitable for your NBN plan.
Too many simultaneous users Managing your household usage according to the above guide.


If your service is an FTTB, FTTC or FTTN connection to the NBN and it is established that the physical telecommunications network infrastructure underlying it is not capable of providing the quoted speed tier for the plan, you may cancel your plan without any early termination charge, and pay only a fair market rate for a plan compatible with your actual speed up to cancellation. We’ll make a refund of charges to date if necessary.

In the event of a power outage: NBN services will not function unless it is connected using FTTP and NBN battery backup power supply unit is installed and working.

Medical alarm services and security alarm services: Before switching to NBN, please contact your alarm provider to assess whether your alarm is compatible with an NBN service and identify available alternatives if your alarm services are not compatible.

You should also register any medical alarm with NBN’s Medical Alarm Register at

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