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How long does it take for a connection to go live?

It is a case by case basis that depends on your situation. Every appointment allocated is the earliest one available at the time of order. If you already have an existing NBN service and are transferring from your old provider to Hello Broadband, this can be ready to use within 1-2 business days.

If you need to have an installation for an NTD (network termination device), wall plate or antenna, this usually takes around 2 weeks. This depends on the attending nbn Co. third party technician’s schedule and when they are next available.

How long does it take for the Netcomm router to be delivered?

You will be provided with a tracking number 2 days after your ‘Access service delivery date’ email is given to you. At this stage, the details necessary for configuration are generated and your router is configured to work with your service. If the delivery is taking longer than 5 business days, please use your tracking number to track your delivery, as it may have been dropped off at your local post office.

Why can't I see my tracking details when I put them into the star track website?

If you have been given a tracking number, and there is no information when put into star track’s website, please check back again later that day as it may take some time for the details to be scanned into the tracking system.

Do you support any other billing methods aside from direct debit via a credit card?

Hello Broadband only offer direct debit via a credit or debit card as a payment method.

What are your support hours?

Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm (AEDT). An email may also be sent to at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I reschedule my technician appointment?

Yes you can reschedule your technician appointment if the original date and time do not suit.

Do I need to be home for the technician appointment?

It is always recommended to be in attendance for your Access service delivery date in case a technician needs site access, however, some Access service deliveries only require remote logical changes, meaning they can be activated very quickly and without the need for a site visit.

If I supply my own router will your support team help me configure it?

If supplying your own router, you will need to ensure that it’s compatible with the NBN service being delivered to your home and that it isn’t locked to a particular provider’s services. Hello Broadband will provide you the details needed to configure your router for our services.

Information relating to this can be found in the How to Set Up Your Modem / Router section and How To Set Up My Voice Connection areas.

Why do I have to pay a $300 activation fee to connect the NBN to my home?

Some properties still require additional infrastructure installed before a service can be delivered. In the instance that a New Copper Pair Charge or New Development charge apply, the NBN will charge a minimum fee of $300, plus labour and materials to cover the additional infrastructure costs that are required.

Installation charges may be higher than $300 inc GST to account for labour and the cost of materials necessary to perform the relevant activity, which is charged at a minimum of $110 per hour.

Do I need to cancel my current connection with my existing provider when moving to Hello Broadband?

It’s always recommended that you give your existing provider a call when switching over to our services. If we’re churning your NBN connection across to us, it may automatically cancel your existing connection but it’s always best to contact your provider to ensure that they stop billing you.

Do you offer any Pay TV services?

Hello Broadband do not currently offer any Pay TV services.

What kind of speed can I expect to receive if I sign up?

This will depend on a number of contributing factors including the speed plan that you sign up for, the router you use and the rollout type the NBN Co has deployed in your area. NBN speeds are not guaranteed as it’s a best effort service.

Do you guarantee speeds?

Hello Broadband cannot guarantee speeds via an NBN connection. This is due to the NBN being a contended service with best effort speeds.

How much do I have to pay if I cancel my contract if I’m signed up to the 12 month term?

If a customer cancels a service while still in contract they will need to pay $20.00 inc. GST per month remaining under contract.

When will the billing start for my service?

The billing for your service will begin the day that your connection goes live. You will then be billed on the same day each month. Any upfront fees such as activation and router costs will be billed upon ordering the service.

How will the NBN be delivered into my home?

  • Fibre to the Premise: nbn will run a fibre optic line all the way to your premises.
  • Fibre to the Node: nbn will run fibre to a cabinet near your home and then connect to your home via the existing copper network already at your premises.
  • Fibre to the Building: This is generally used when nbn connects to an apartment block or similar type of building. Fibre is run into the basement of the building and existing cabling in the building is used to connect into each apartment.
  • Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC): Will be used when the existing ‘pay TV’ or cable network can be used to reach your home.
  • Fixed Wireless: Data is sent from a transmission tower in your area and travels wirelessly to an antenna installed on your roof.

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