Critical Information Summary

This summary gives you the important information you need to know about your plan. It covers things like the length of your contract, how much you need to pay each month, what’s included and what’s not.

Information about the Service

Your plan gives you access to an nbnTM based broadband service. NBN Ethernet is the term we use to describe a NBN broadband service which is an asymmetrical (Download speed is higher than the upload speed), contended broadband service.


This service is available to residential users, is a residential grade service and is not available everywhere. Availability is dependent on several factors, including whether the necessary equipment has been deployed at the location or in your area and/or the nbn local Point of Interconnect (POI) has been enabled.

If you’re renting you will need to seek approval from the owner for the installation (including location within the home of nbn equipment).

Minimum Term

Month-to-month, 12 months or 24 months.

Early Termination Charges

If your nbnPlan is cancelled before your minimum term has ended, you must pay us an Early Termination feeequivalent to $20 by the number of remaining months of the contract. For example if you are on a 12 Month contract and you cancel the plan with 8 Months remaining in the term then you must pay $20 x 8 months = $160 charge.Customers may cancel their service by providing Hello Broadband 30 days’ notice.

Your Monthly Data Allowance

This service comes with an unlimited upload/download data allowance each month. There are no peak/off-peak restrictions on your use, and no excess usage charges.

Excess data Charges

There are no excess charges applicable to Hello Broadband plans.

Plan Changes

You can change your plan to a higher or lower speed plan by contacting us and requesting to be changed to a different plan. Each time you do this you will incura $30 inc GST plan change fee.

Important Conditions

nbn Broadband is not a guaranteed bandwidth service.Line speed refers to the maximum nbn port access speed. Actual speeds may differ due to various factors including your equipment, the source and type of content being downloaded, the applications you are using and the websites you are accessing and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by Hello Broadband. We cannot therefore guarantee that you will receive the maximum nbnport access speed at your premises.

Hardware Conditions

You will require an nbn ready modem/router to access this service. We can supply one for a one-off fee of $99.95 on our 12 or 24 month plans, or $124.95 on our no contract plans if required. We do support BYO modem/router, however you will need to be able to configure your BYO router yourself.

Connection Charge

Standard connection is included. Non-standard connections may incur additional costs. Once off nbnNew Development Fee of $300 incl GST is charged if your premises is identified by nbnas being within a new development area without any nbnequipment installed.


On the same day of each month you’ll be billed in advancefor the minimum monthly charge. Payment for your service is paid by taking a direct debit from your credit card.

Monitor your Service Online

You can register for theCustomer Access Toolkit (CAT)which is the Hello Broadband online portal in order to view your bills online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the Hello Broadband online portal, you’ll be able to organise and check your billing information, view your online activity and update your contact details. To register, please email or contact 1300 443 556.

Information about Pricing

Access Speed Monthly Contract Term Installation Fee Total Minimum Plan Cost
12/1 Mbps Starter $49.95 1 Month $49.95 $99.90
25/5 Mbps Family $59.95 1 Month $49.95 $109.90
50/20 Mbps Entertainer $74.95 1 Month $49.95 $124.90
100/40 Mbps Streamer $99.00 1 Month $49.95 $148.95
12/1 Mbps Starter $49.95 12 Month $0.00 $599.40
25/5 Mbps Family $59.95 12 Month $0.00 $719.40
50/20 Mbps Entertainer $74.95 12 Month $0.00 $899.40
100/40 Mbps Streamer $99.00 12 Month $0.00 $1,188.00
12/1 Mbps Starter $49.95 24 Month $0.00 $1,198.80
25/5 Mbps Family $59.95 24 Month $0.00 $1,438.80
50/20 Mbps Entertainer $74.95 24 Month $0.00 $1,798.80
100/40 Mbps Streamer $99.00 24 Month $0.00 $2,376.00

* Plan pricing is indicative from past offers. HBB is no longer is accepting new customers.

Contacting us

We are here to assist you with any inquiry so please feel free to contact Hello Broadband. If you have questions about your bill, technical support service or connection or any other matter relating to any of our services, please call us on 1300 443 556.

Complaints or disputes

If you need to make a complaint you can:

Further investigation

If we can’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058. For full contact information go online at

This is a summary only – the full legal terms for your service are contained in your agreement with Hello Broadband and Our Customer Terms which is available at:

Download Critical Information Summary–Hello Broadband nbn (PDF)