Telephony Fair Use Policy

Flat Rate Telephony plans

Allow you to make Untimed Calls to nominated destinations using a Hello Broadband supplied telephony system and/or service, which is covered by a fixed total minimum monthly cost of the Flat Rate add-on Feature. This includes Untimed Calls to Local, Standard National Numbers and Australian Mobile Numbers. Charges for calls made that are not included in your Flat Rate add-on feature will be payable in addition to the total minimum monthly price of the add-on feature.

Calls to International, Satellite, 1300/13 and Directory Assistance Calls are not included in the Flat Rate add-on feature and will have per minute rates applied as listed in Hello Broadband’s phone charges page on our website.

Hello Broadband considers the use of your residential Flat Rate service to be unreasonable if the volume of minutes is extraordinarily high or if you make or receive calls that cause significant congestion, disruption or otherwise adversely affects the Hello Broadband or its suppliers’ networks or adversely affect another person’s use of or access to the voice services.  Furthermore, Hello Broadband considers the use of your Flat Rate service to be unreasonable, as defined by the list below (other than when you have notified us prior to completing an application and we have given our consent for you to use the Service in this manner).


Hello Broadband considers Customer use of a Service, plan inclusion, promotion and/or offer to be unreasonable if accessed or utilised for any non-ordinary purpose or if the Plan is a residential plan for household or personal use only, but is instead used for commercial or other untypical household or personal purposes.

Non-ordinary purpose includes:

  1. a) running a telemarketing business or call centre;
  2. b) re-supplying or reselling the Service;
  3. c) wholesale of any Service (e.g. transit, refile or aggregate domestic or international traffic) on our network;
  4. d) abnormal or excessive use of back to base services;
  5. e) SIM boxing or using the Service (including any of our SIM card(s)) in connection with a ce or method that switches, routes or re-routes traffic (e.g. calls, SMS, data, etc.) to or from our network or the network of any supplier;
  6. f) usage that affects other Customers’ access to the network or enjoyment of the Services;
  7. g) setting up switch ces which overcome subscription and/or pricing charges, potentially limiting the ability for other Customers to access the Service; or
  8. h) any other activity which would not be reasonably regarded as typical or ordinary use.

We provide this offer in good faith. Use outside of the norm will be determined upon review of the customer’s previous 3 telephony bills and this will be used as the basis for future usage pattern analysis.  If Hello Broadband detects usage patterns that suggest unreasonable use of the Service in comparison with previous usage, Hello Broadband will request that you reduce your usage. Persistent (two or more) breaches of our Acceptable Use Policy may result in Hello Broadband terminating your service or revising of the fixed total minimum monthly cost of the Flat Rate add-on feature.